Mayor Zeng Boyi visited Lingwe's production base to supervise the resumption of production and prevent epidemic situation
Upload time:2020-02-24

Onthe morning of February 16, 2020, the Deputy Secretary of LengshuijiangMunicipal Party Committee and Mayor Zeng Boyi led a team of relevant departmentleaders to inspect the resumption of work, production and epidemic preventionand control.

Thecompany's executive director Hu Xiangzhong reported on the resumption of workand the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, and thanked theMunicipal Party Committee and the government for their care and support, andthanked the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and EconomicDevelopment Zone and other departments to send staff to guide the company.Prevention and control of various work. After hearing various reports, MayorZeng Boyi affirmed the work done by the enterprise in the prevention andcontrol of the epidemic.

ZengBoyi emphasized that details determine success or failure, and the currentepidemic prevention work is still a top priority. Enterprises must raiseawareness, scientifically prevent and control, and insist on resuming work andproduction, and preventing and controlling the epidemic situation. The three Aproducts are used as raw materials for medical CT films and diapers, and areimportant materials for epidemic prevention. All departments must find ways forenterprises to open green channels, and implement preferential policies such asfinancing, taxation, and social security.

ZengBoyi finally pointed out that enterprises should organically combine resumptionof production with prevention and control to ensure that all measures arestrict, detailed and practical. The departments and liaison officers of theenterprises should provide good service and supervision to help the enterprisescommunicate and coordinate. For the cold return workers in the province, helpenterprises to do a quick investigation and screening, to achieve employees assoon as possible, to help companies resume work and resume production, epidemicprevention and control and production safety.

Atpresent, the organization department of Lengshuijiang Municipal Committeerecommends the three-A new materials epidemic prevention work as an advancedmodel for enterprises in the city to Loudi Municipal Party Committee.